October 31, 2012

Montana Goes to California, A Visit!

California dreamin'
By the bay
Oh the view!

Halloween decorations
with a 4 year old directing
where the glitter goes, how
scarey the faces are,
and, and, and!  
 Fabric store: Stonemountain & Daughter
Selection too huge for quick visit!
Art supply store: Artist & Craftsman Supply 
Will turn anyone into an artist, seriously!
Quince from: Berkeley Bowl 
Haven't ever eaten a quince, just quince paste
Hmm, what will these taste like fresh?  
 Just stand and swoon! What can I say?
I brought my pan pipe flute to practice
even though this is my dream to play
like these Argentinian folks,
alas, I did not have time!

 Some pretty tasty Argentinian food on the way to the airport.
 Full moon for Halloween!

Favorite place in Oakland to eat
Of course, Camino
Closed for Halloween
but luckily we had a wonderful
wood-fired dinner last Friday evening.
Wonderful visit to California!

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