September 9, 2012

Garden Thoughts & Photo Musings

Jimmy Nardello & the Ecuadorian hammock!
Did the weaver of this beautiful cloth copy
the colors of a sweet pepper?
Or just synergy in the universe?
Whatever the happenstance,
this works, no?


 Besides growing these French Fingerlings
I have been exploring a wonderful
photography book, Plate to Pixel by a French woman,

Hélène Dujardin,
Check out her blog: Tartelette 
which is mostly about food, a bit about photography,
& some about travel.
Back to the potatoes...
I am learning...
Shooting into the sun, these photos are my first attempt at understanding how back lighting can highlight a subject.
 I waited for morning sun to hit the potatoes
to not only help these scraggly lumps sparkle 
but the shadows created by low natural light
brought the potatoes to life!
 A small collection of sweet peppers, hot ones,
& Hungarian yellows, all grown in
our greenhouse.
  I will de-seed the peppers, cut them up in strips,
& they will go into the dehydrator to
be dried. Thrown into winter soups, egg dishes,
& stir-fries, I sing the praises of the flavors of
 crimson, butter yellow, 
& tweaks of bright orange.
A second round of basil to be cut & dried. I wonder
how many times I will be able to keep cutting
the plants to nothing?
 Mrs. Cherokee Purple bursting forth...already
a bounty crop, how long will the bounty go on?
 Marigolds peeking out of the apricot tree barrel...
The apricot growing to the ceiling will be
espaliered in an arch over the greenhouse door, IF
the tree lives through a Montana winter!
 And, rosemary.
All waiting in the greenhouse for wintering over,
a grand experiment to be sure!

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