August 6, 2012

A Bit About Serata Basil & An Excellent Cherry Canning Adventure

 Delicate Serata Basil blossoms
droop over the curve of a turquoise 
Mexican carved book shelf in my office.

Serata basil are unusually fluffy-leafed plants
with aromatic qualities unlike
other basils
'Queenette' is one of the most flavorful
of Thai basils.
Tastes of a combination of cloves & mint.
The bright chartreuse green leaves with an unusual
serrated edge are distinctive from other basils.
It's difficult to chop this beautiful basil to make a wonderful
tasting pesto, so I might recommend 
using it also to fill a room with
a spicey scent as part of a fresh flower bouquet!
Now, to the cherry canning adventure!

Sunday afternoon, sometimes a time of
flagging spirits is the perfect time
to tackle a canning project!
We washed organic black cherries from
a small family-owned and run orchard on the
banks of Flathead Lake.
Between chomping down handfulls of juicy fruit
we prepared an extra light syrup
of pure cane sugar & water, brought to a boil.
Jars were sterilized, packed with cherries, &
filled with boiling syrup.
Screw lids on lightly & process all jars
in a bath of boiling water for 35 minutes (at least at
our altitude of 5000 feet).
Follow recipes provided in the infamous
 Jars of preserved Flathead cherries,
a delicacy not to be forgotten!
Serve over yoghurt, ice cream, or pit the 
cherries to be used in tiny tartlettes.
Nothing better than the taste of late Montana summer
in a jar in the middle of winter.
And, here they are...
All dressed up for gift giving!

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  1. Beautifully done! I've got 50# of fresh pears that I'm waiting to ripen... but they won't match the gorgeous red of those cherries in the jar.