July 12, 2012

Fabric Boxes on Parade!

 My boxes have grown bigger
and taken on a new purpose...

 Inspired by my LYS's new store
 Joy in a box!
Now knitters & crocheters
can keep their yarn balls
Off to STIX they go!
 Now, covered buttons on the horizon
 Sheets of thin, thin fabric
 Stitched and beaded to make
joyful, sparkly covered buttons,
an idea hatched from my friend
Anna G. who sews up lovely dresses, buttons,
and offers monthly projects at
 My own work inspired by another textile
artist friend, Nino K., who lives and
stitches in Tbilisi, Georgia
 A visit to this diverse country with
its potters, stitchers, painters
and ancient Eastern European crossroads history 
will fill your
heart with the joy of discovery!
Check out my fabric boxes
at STIX, Bozeman, Montana!

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