June 13, 2012

Hopi Village Plastering Project, Splendid!

Every year Hopi people re-mud their homes, in the traditional manner using a mixture of clay and sand. Every year some of the wall gets washed off by the summer rains returning the mud back to the earth. This is the circle of life for the Hopi to welcome the rains, the Katcinas, and a village of people to restore the ancient homes. It's called Palwitota.

I had the joy of joining this cultural opportunity last week. I learned to make mud, judge its consistency and to apply it to rock walls, filling holes first with the perfect rock here and there. Working side by side with Hopi families, children, and people who just wanted to help was a unique experience.

Here are some images from the project. We were given permission to take these photos within Hotevilla as we worked on 4 ancestral homes. Enjoy!

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