May 26, 2012

Yellowstone Country Garden, Why Try?

 Ah, storm sets in
Reminds me of a Japanese painting
Gray, gray, and more wisps of gray

 Good morning!
Lots of freezing water coming off our roof
Ah, more delicious sky water for plants
Lots less alkalinity than our well water
Buy one of these olive oil containers for water catchment
Murdoch's Farm Ranch Supply, Bozeman, Montana 
Has a spigot with an opening handle to fill buckets;
For locals, the barrels live behind the store
and are $49.99, check them out!
 Kyrgyzstan carpet still fading but so lovely in its old age
Read more about these lovely hand-felted treasures
O, dear...
And, how will we dry out this wood for burning today?
Memorial Day weekend, not SO unusual
here in Yellowstone Country!
West Yellowstone, west entrance to Yellowstone Park 
Southeast of us about one hour drive.
 Pozie Pots bursting!
I make these from wild bird
seed bags from Murdoch's.
 My 'Jimmys' I call these lovelies,
Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers
made it through the freezing temps!
 What is growing up the
honey-comb of the greenhouse window?
Only an intrepid gardener will know what kind of plant
has this level of determination to survive.
Leave a comment with your answer!
 More snow
More wind
Market just around the corner.

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