May 20, 2012

Grow Heirlooms for Bio-Diversity, Stories, & Open Pollination

 Outside looking in
Empty pots waiting
To go in filled
To the brim
Tomatoes, cucs, basil, sweet peppers

Inside looking out
Marigolds to go in
Welcome bees!
Mustard greens
Purple Pak Choy
Hollyhocks to multiply
Flat leaf Italian Parsley
Waiting patiently

 Sometimes you just have to sing
When colors and textures
Jump into splendid harmony!
And, this 
a favorite
periwinkle Lobelia kisses
coral Petunias
 Out from under
grow lights 
into sunlight
and chill
to 'harden off'
these tomato
starts: Cherokee Purple,
Prairie Fire, Roma
Prairie Fire
heirloom new to me
60 days
cold tolerant
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Cherokee Purple seeds from 
Thomas Jefferson's Mt. Vernon garden,
a gift from a friend who visited this special garden 
Wait to see!
 Bird seed bags
turn into Pozie Pots
love being bathed in heat and sunlight
 Pozie pots filled 
bursting with joy!
 Beginnings of a salad bowl
Why grow heirlooms?
Biodiversity is what makes the Earth tick.

Varieties that have been entrusted to us from past generations, the good, the middling, the less important
and the great that weave together make up the sum total
of a holistic view of our planet

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