January 14, 2012

To Market, To Market!

A tiny winter farmers' market
draws many
from over hill and dale!

Wooly sheep forgot
that Christmas is past
but determined to lick
the red lillies
Lit by hand punched
tin lamp

The Historian and The Baker
talking bread

Wood-fired bread oven
crusty sour fermented
fly out the door

Beautiful hand-felted 
rainbow trout and flower
peeking from behind
vintage-inspired fabrics

Tiny basket snowman
pin cushion

and more SEEDS!

to warm the chill mountain air
red for tomatoes
green for peppers, pumpkins
all from Dillon, Montana

Old slate roof tile
carrying a photo image 
1800's Virginia City
Old West mysteries
 Birdie cupcakes

A great place to spend a Saturday morning!
Coming soon...
Virginia City Artisans Market & Growers Guild
Second Saturday of each month
farmers' market and sundry imaginative things
all artisan made

February, Hearts
March, Shamrocks
April, Earth
May, Mother

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  1. What a wonderful snapshot of "slow life" in a tiny village somewhere in the Montana Rockies!
    Jon Boy the Baker

  2. Simply lovely! Makes me want to go, but I think there's a conflict with the Bozeman winter market. I sure do miss the bread bakers!

  3. Thanks for taking a look, LaVonne! It is a special place and event for sure.