January 24, 2012

Dad MUST Drive Home!

 Days ago, tried in vain to teach Dad to use cell phone
Wrote down instructions with a crayon on sketch pad
Beside his hearing aid on the dresser lay the phone

 Yesterday my cell phone tweeted its greeting
Wow, I had a call from Dad
Something clicked in his brain
And, he wasn't afraid to try
 To call and ask "When can we start driving home?"
Snow, for once coming down
How to explain home is here and now
"Couple of hours and we will talk!"
 Home for Dad is tottering around his own house
With his own agenda
Making his own one ounce of food
For he and Mom
On Thursdays deliver Meals on Wheels, to others
Even though Dad and Mom are starving
Dad laying on the floor for three days
Mom sends away neighbor, cleaning person
 "I can drive!" emphatically he declares
I declare, "You have no memory
You cannot put numbers together to make sense
You drive on the wrong side of the road
You creep
You are stubborn to a fault"
 No use
Same, same, same
Week after week
Unlock Cottage door
Dad will drive Mom home
No car, no keys, snow roads, no understanding
Dad MUST drive home!


  1. I'm so sorry, Cindy. This has to be so hard. One day at a time!
    xo Linda

  2. I try to value it for what it is, Linda, the last chapter of my parents' lives. It is special to be able to be present.

  3. It is a gift to be an active part of this phase of their lives, no matter how unfamiliar we are with their reality. Garbled language or impetuous actions are difficult to understand, but love and respect help us navigate the unknown last days. I wish you all well....Hugs, Marge

  4. You are so right, Marge! Each moment a treasure.