November 12, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes, Ahhh

 Cut thick to crunch when chewed
Dredge in stone ground corn meal
Sticks to the juice
Plop in copper skillet a couple tablespoons butter
Drop in tomato slices
Turn, and sizzle
Not too long, go for the crunch

 Yes, they are that wonderful soft apple green
A tinge of pink here and there
Juicy despite the greenness of near ripe
A sprinkle of sea salt
Near perfect breakfast passed across to me from the other side
Two southern Missouri Grannys, Hazel and Gladys
One slurped her coffee from a bone china tea cup saucer
The other was in love with her eldest son's best friend
Isn't that what fried green tomatoes are about
Family secrets revealed in each juicy sour bite?

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