November 20, 2011

Bonifazi Nadia, Italian Yarn, & a Breadstick

It's not easy to find a yarn shop in Rome.

But, how can a yarnster miss this shop on Via Giovanni Bosco?
The door handles are a ceramic replica of skeins of blue and red yarn!
Grab the skein door handle, walk in to Bonifazi Nadia and a tapestry of
drawers, boxes, shelves, and piles of yarn for knitting, crocheting, and needlepoint
assault the senses. Five women stood in a tiny space holding up this and that yarn, chatting
in rapid-fire Italian all the while as I, too, rummaged the vast selection.
You see what I mean?
I wondered why a rack of women's bras were also part of the offering? Yarn and 
bras go together like......? O, well, no worries, I found a lovely finely twisted soft
Italian made Merino wool yarn, red with flecks of multi-colors to bring home stuffed into
my hiking boots.
Nestled amongst the remains of a recent dinner party, the Italian red yarn is being
turned into a cozy cowl! It's called "Snuggles" and the pattern was created by Rebecca Blair, a Canadian designer. I found the pattern in the Winter issue of Tangled, an online knitting and 
The Tangled Chicks say,
"This cozy cowl is seamless and reversible—it begins with an invisible cast-on and is knitted flat and grafted into a ring. The lace pattern is adapted from an antique edging and flares gently to accommodate your collarbone. Worked at a tighter than usual gauge, the angora yarn blooms into a fabric that is dense and luxuriously soft, to keep you warm on the coldest days. "

Knitting on Sunday morning while sitting in the a sun stream,
I think about how I love to knit in the middle of the remains of another day, a dinner party.
There is the last party breadstick, draped over the Italian merino yarn balls. 
Really, not so different
than selling bras in a yarn store!

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  1. Shoot! It's not easy to find a yarn shop in Paris either...even though a lot of yarn is produced in France.