October 29, 2011

Beauty Everywhere, Italia!

Taormina, yes, it's real!

The Prince's vineyard!
We walked through the Prince's olive orchard, his vineyard, and then we drank too much of his delicious white wine. I brought home (packed in dirty underwear) two bottles of the Prince's olive oil.
Cefalu blue
O, Rosita's family farm house, dear me what a place and could she cook!
Rosita's bouganvilla
 Rosita's vine covered entries to charming rooms for let
Rosita's sage garden
Rosita's watering scene
Back door entry to Roman ruins hotel in outside of Enna
Now here's a wall color I can wrap my heart around
Draping a tomb opening are Mediterranean caper plant
Just an everyday wash graced by planted profusion
Symmetry, and oh, that yellow
Not afraid of pink either
One painted niche after another on the outside of homes...oh, if only we here had just a smidgen of this elegance.
Greeted by a parking lot garden, of all things
But what about all of this growing in pots, on walls, under window shutters, in parking lots, on staircases, hanging above, below, over, and under vines of all types, posies everywhere, against backdrops of textured stonework. 
Sicily is special!

Stay tuned...food to come!

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  1. What stunning photos! Thanks for sharing these. I feel as though I was on the trip with you.