July 19, 2011

Buckskins Made for Walkin' the Path

These boots are made for walkin' except the first time around brought huge blisters! I purchased these boots on one of 3 trips in June driving back from Colorado. Searching for the jackalope in Douglas, Wyoming, I ended up with a pair of long-sought-after buckskins, just like my Dad's boots. My thought was a sturdy pair of buckskins would help me walk the life path ahead. Neither my feet nor the path would be without a few blisters along the way.
Latest adventure from my dear parents, sweetest people on earth, has been a nightmare. They, of course, remember nothing of what happened!
Buckskins came in handy at the June Red Feather home build at Northern Cheyenne. Here's the truth window to prove the house is built of straw and the Spang/Medicine Bull family stands, delighted! Lots of hard work by family and community members, plus volunteers from near and far. Being the cook that I usually am on Red Feather builds (but not this time) I would like to send out a huge "Thank You" to the courageous few who stepped forward to prepare delicious meals for a legion of volunteers: Marilyn, Gayle, Marlena, Jack, and Mary Lou. What stellar people who jumped in where others had gone before but each brought her/his own recipe for success.
The California gang, part family, part good friends posing before jumping in the car to go float the Madison River one hot day in July. Tiny Otis just cared about his blueberries.
One evening, Slav made her famous brochette. Roasted peppers, garlic scapes, chevre spread on crusty bread, and drizzled with basil-steeped olive oil.  With a chilled glass of white wine, they lasted maybe 5 minutes!
Otis and I built a tipi. It was a great place to watch Curious George one morning.
Ah, yes, baby back ribs, potato salad, garden fresh greens, and bread welcomed another July 4 celebration. The neighbors' fireworks were the best ever!
Happy Summer!


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