July 7, 2010

Sky Flowers and Bliss

Sometimes a great notion! Our neighbors, each year, put on the grandest fireworks any of us have ever seen. And, it all happens above our house. You might find your jaw dropping about now but...
We have a metal roof! Beyond and around our house if we twist and turn, we can witness fireworks around the Madison River Valley, up close, below the Madison Range, and down by Ennis Lake. It is magical!
Equally magical is this leaf lettuce plant going to seed.
This is not a streaming fireworks...no, of all things it is quack grass going to seed in the greenhouse. Quite lovely!
A five pointed star flower. If the right things happen this flower will emerge into a cucumber, not half as beautiful, but oh, so tasty.
See the pepper? It is actually paprika. Bought the seed from a gardener on Etsy, of all places. She lives in the Southeast. Only way to grow paprika and Jimmy Nardellos, my bar none favorite, is in our greenhouse.
Remember when I planted the potatoes? Well, they are about two feet tall! Wonder what's happening under ground?
Beaverlodge heirloom tomatoes in their cozy red walls-o-water. 
And, guess who? Sugar Pie pumpkins following two hail storms. They are still putting out blossoms even though the leaves have been pummeled. Gotta say, that is one big bit of magic!
No, this isn't the result of the puppettes rousting about in the yarn upstairs. You guess!

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