June 10, 2010

Home on the Rez, Week One

The day begins...
The home begins here...
Straw from Dillion, Montana
Window view of the kitchen trailer
Welcome Home!
Inside lookin' out
She said she hated being on the roof last time...hmmm, here she is, again!
 Now, she lives to be on the roof!
Queen of Straw!
We let him in the kitchen?
Flute stories
What's not to love about this lady?
And these two, guess who?
Girl with hammer is the boss!
They did it!
The family signs a '2010 Best Wall' winner's cup.
Rockin' kitchen crew!
Three cookateers!
While we built a house, we built a sweat lodge.
She scraped the earth away...
Sweat lodge waits for the right moment.
Second week cooks! They were undaunted.
Almost home...Tobaccoroot Mountains, our backyard.

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