May 28, 2010

Northern Cheyenne Straw Bale Home

Tepees, sky, probably cold wet ground, and lots of warm greetings from old and new friends! The Red Feather straw bale house build starts tomorrow. The site is just east of Busby, Montana on Highway 212. Stop by if you happen to be driving through southeastern Montana.
We built this home for Winfield, in the navy shirt, two years ago.
The house waits for the stucco coat. If my memory serves me correctly, this was one of the only sunny days! Shortly after this the stucco was slapped on the outside walls in a snowstorm!
Even when your tent collapses in a storm, a breathtaking sunset erases all disappointment. 

Stay tuned, in a week, more photos and happenings from Northern Cheyenne.


  1. This is incredible, and so resourceful! I'd love to spend a night (or a summer!) in a straw bale home.
    It's amazing how different the land looks from place to place. Gorgeous.

  2. If petunia girl is Anya, I'm your great-great uncle in Kansas. If not just the same I like this blog. I like the straw house idea.

    I'd like to dive right into that venison stew -- looks so delicious.

  3. Anya is Queen of Straw but petuniagirl = cindy

    Yes, the venison stew was delicious!