May 15, 2010

Farm Fantasy

Good Morning! How about that, a bowl of plucky salad greens greeted me in the greenhouse this dawn. This is probably as close as I will ever get to realizing my farm fantasy, a bowl of pansies and lettuce. Oh, we plant garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, onions, on and on, but we are not farmers. In one week the Madison Farm to Fork, farmers' market in Ennis will begin the summer season. I have a lot to do this coming week to make my stall happen.

We planted potatoes yesterday. The starts have been resting on the kitchen counter for a few days drying the raw cut ends a bit.
Potato bed in its winter coat: straw, chicken wire, and weights. We have to remove all of this.

After all of the topping is cleared away, then we dig 7" trenches.
We probably planted the potato starts too close but some of them may not make it. We throw in the bottom of the trench, alfalfa pellets, an inexpensive source of nitrogen and minerals.
Cover the trenches with some soil, leaving remaining soil piled along the trench to add when the plants begin to grow. Potato plants like to be mounded with soil as they grow so there is plenty of room for actual potatoes to come along deep under the piles.
Grow potatoes, grow!

Now into the house to get going on products for my farmers' market stall: cotton wash clothes, scrubbers, aprons, pot holders, and pozie pots. And, crackers, crackers, and even more crackers! This year I will add some new flavors: hazelnut/thyme, Parmesan cheese, sour cherry/pepper. 

Waiting to be filled
New cracker sacks with windows
Display baskets
Scrubber production
Stacks of wash clothes
Apron in progress
Somewhere in there is a sewing machine that will have to buzz! 
Good luck!

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