May 19, 2010

Crack Her Mania

A friend asked me for pictures of my crackers. Well, I can't just show you a bunch of crackers without showing a little bit about the process (and why I am dead tired after whipping, mixing, smashing, rolling, cutting, sprinkling, scooping, burning, & crunching). You can see that beautiful mother & daughter Blue Bird Flour (it's used by Hopi & Navajo women to make fry bread; it is comforting to live with 2 sacks of flour), the dough made from whole wheat flour from Manhattan, Montana, rye, sour cherries, yogurt, black pepper, butter, and all the little tools that make an impossible baking scheme possible.
From a bowl of fermented dough to smears on a cotton baker sheet ready for punching, sea salt sprinkle, and cutting. See the smeared sour cherries? Gingerly, I spatula the cut pieces on to a baking stone, & pop them in to a slow oven.
The trick is to not rush to the bathroom or check emails otherwise the whole bloody batch will burn. Then what? A lot of sweat goes up in smoke. Don't think I am not an expert on that. Hmmmm.
A new offering, these hazelnut/thyme stacks I am calling 'wafers'. I adapted the recipe from Clotilde Dusoulier (bless her French heart) of Chocolate & Zucchini . I used Montana whole wheat (at some point I will write about the vast rich variety of nutrient rich wheat we grow here in the Big Sky). Her cookbook keeps me awake late dreaming of walking the streets of Paris to find the most lovely place to eat!
Delicious little stacks!

When I get these + more all packed up for the market, more photos. I have new sacks this season. They have clear windows for viewing the luscious contents. I am in the process of decorating the exterior of each sack. Sigh ("just go to bed already,"she screamed to herself).
O, yes, does anyone out there know what in the world this could be? Well, stay tuned...

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  1. I do wish I could come try one of your crackers in person. I'd bring red pepper jelly too!