April 16, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Here's where Tuesday started...the bench and wheel barrow dusted with snow.
Baci, the rez pup wants to come in the house, NOW!

Look who
showed up...Yellow Headed
Welcome, beautiful!

Waiting for a chance at the feeder, all Red Wings chitter-chatting.
No wonder everyone wants to stay in the house!
O, deer!
Our snow gauge, 9" in a half a day.
The end of the day...the bench and the wheel barrow, where are they?
 The Sugar Pies (pumpkin seedlings) are on their way to the greenhouse! Yippee.
 Look who's poking her head up...Mrs. Rhubarb!
And, under that frosty straw are the multiplying onions now basking in the sun!
It's truly a New Day Dawn!

1 comment:

  1. The unpredictability of days... Nature is changing by day. I have been so familiar with the light green tomatoes hanging down the stalks, then today they appear as orange. The subtleness of change!
    ~bangchik, Putrajaya Malaysia.