March 29, 2010

Wild, Wild Wind in the West

The mountains disappear as Wind arrives like a locomotive roaring into the Valley. Will Wind blow the Madison Range away, I wonder? This visitor, Wind, is intense and strong. It must be blowing weather to the East Coast, rain and snow.
"Bad weather always looks worse through a window." Whoever said that was right on. I grabbed my camera, a jacket, and went to greet Wind. To stand upright I grabbed for a fence post. No escape...
Check out the Bald Eagle and the Canadians ducking the wind. They must be talking about how impossible it is to fly!
The snow shovel awaits. Will Snow win out or Wind, to be the tourist in the dawn? (That's the front porch rug blown up against the front door shovel).
Suet feeder, even empty, swings laterally. How could Flicker or Magpie even think of eating at this table? No way, Jose!
I had to tie the compost lid to keep it from blowing to the next county. Have to keep those little mouse babies cozy, happy inside. Tiny feet scurrying noises provide endless hours of enjoyment for Baci, Daisy, Dippy, Grace, and Potosi.
Pussys gone to seed against a warm wall. How they love Wind, the visitor. Pussy willow seeds will fly off to new homes.
Back inside safe from Wind, Sugar Pie sprouts were barely showing 3 days ago! Now, o, dear...
Pale yellow girls would never survive a visit with Wind! That's why they are swaying in their vase peeking at the heart-shaped rock from Yellowstone Lake. 
Yellow tulips greet spring!

PS (You have to be kidding?)
A few posts ago I spoke about setting up recycled plastic raised beds, hmmm. Does this come under the category: What was I thinking? It's really true, "bad weather always looks worse through a window." It IS worse. While writing this post I looked outside towards the potato/pumpkin patch and what do I see? Yep, the raised beds lifted off and flew the coop! What if they had potatoes growing. Yikes. Should I rethink this new plan?

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