March 9, 2010

Rocky Mountain Spring, Yes? No! Maybe...

Hard to believe but this spring harbinger I spotted yesterday landing on a fence post. Wow, could it really be spring? The song of the Meadowlark, nothing quite like it.
"Welcome to Spring!"

Guess who else?
The Redwing Blackbirds have returned also. I couldn't believe my eyes when this beauty landed on the bird feeder early this morning. The lake below where they like to nest is frozen, of course. You are a tad early Redwing. Your song I can hardly wait to hear!

Trying two new raised beds...the snap together kind, one for potatoes, one for more potatoes, probably. Heirloom starts from Seed Savers Exchange will be on their way beginning of April.
 These recycled plastic beds are easy to assemble. There's a layer of newspaper under the flat-sided one and a layer of cardboard under the hole sided one. Newspaper and cardboard, hopefully, will keep the grass at bay. Hmmmm. They will be filled with topsoil mixed with compost, manure, and then planted. And, the purpose of the metal fence post? We live in the Madison Valley and that equals wind. Maybe the post will keep the bed from sailing off to the next county!
O, dear...this is a shot of the asparagus bed. Lots of work ahead!


  1. I haven't seen this kind of raised bed kit before. Where does it come from?
    My Seed Savers seeds arrive next week, I think.

  2. Allison, they came from Territorial Seed Co. in Oregon