March 2, 2010

Olympic Coziness

If it hadn't been for watching two weeks of Olympic feats, I could never have completed my own Olympic feat...the creation of a French press cozie design for my friends' new online magazine, Tangled

It's been an uphill run all the way considering I have to write out instruction steps as I crochet. Hmmm, the concept started with a felted version of the cozie. The felted version ended up to be quite uninspired so, back to the drawing board. Let the crochet show itself! Now it became a downhill run to stitching a trillion bobbles on top of stripes. Too many bobbles, actually, all observers either implied or came right out and said, "Too many bobbles!"
So, here we are back to the starting gate for a third (?) and final downhill run. Can she do it, no injuries except maybe a damaged creative ego, lots of training in starting over, and whoosh, there she goes again to the finals! You can see the notes have become scratches, barely readable. The coffee cup asks to be filled and off we go. Stay tuned... (are the floats too long?)


  1. This looks such fun - really too many bobbles?

  2. that looks so cozy and awesome
    it reminds me of a lovely colorful pinecone
    thanks for the link and I would love to see pictures of the inuit fiber art you were mentioning.