February 12, 2010

A Growing Possibility!

How do you get from here...
to here?
and here?

and here?

and these?

Friday, Garden Recipe
Here's the first step to growing veg, flowers, and herbs. Make your own paper pots!
Make paper pots out of soy ink printed black/white newspaper strips. Use a can or an official wooden Pot Maker. Cut strips of newspaper as wide as you want your pot to be tall. In other words, if you want a tiny pot for planting seedlings start with a strip that is 3.5" wide. For larger medium sized pots for transplanting seedlings start with a dog food can and 4.5" wide strips.

Wrap the strips around the pot maker leaving a bit of the strip at the bottom of the can or Pot Maker. This overlapping newsprint will be folded towards the center to form the bottom of the new pot.
When the entire strip bottom is folded into the center of the can, press around the edge to make sure the fold stays put. With the wooden Pot Maker, press the form into the indentation of the wooden bottom piece.
Place paper pots in solid bottomed (unlike this one pictured) plastic trays, fill 3/4 full with light potting soil. Press 2-3 seeds into the soil. Cover with soil to top off the pot. Water gently with warm water. Place seed trays in a warm place so the seeds will germinate.
It's this time of year, in Zone 4, at least by the beginning of March all available surfaces in our house are covered with seed trays! Our house begins to smell like a greenhouse.


  1. Yep - I am also running out of surfaces to put seeds onto! - although I don't make my own pots as I never read a newspaper.

  2. It's time isn't it?! Seeds sprouting in the greenhouse and some directly sown outside to include spinach, sweet onions, carrots, radish... and this year we are experimenting with planting several different fingerling potato varieties in pots.

    Happy Valentine's Day. Diana