September 4, 2012

Hint of Fall, YELLOW!

 Summer, on its way out...
Tsk, tsk
This Montana summer has been memorable
for its extreme heat, fires, smoke, garlic failure,
over-the-top abundant heirloom tomato crop, &
final journeys of a dear cousin & my blessed Mother.

And, our canoe trip...
The road to Kintla Lake &
a remote northern campground in
Glacier National Park,
The Crown of the Continent
passes by the world famous 
Polebridge Merchantile,
location of sumptuous, huckleberry
bear claws the like of which we
had never tasted before!
 Sitting here we drank coffee
visited with locals,
filled our bellies to the brim with
fresh-baked goodies!
What a place, this Kintla Lake!
More later about our spectacular trip...
But, see that luscious yellow??!!!
 Back home to harvest reality!
Lots & lots of tomatoes to process
Plum tomatoes, Prairie Fires,
& Cherokee Purples
Throw in sprigs of basil & rosemary
 Here they are, the selection
that will soon become 
sauce! These tomatoes look a bit
on the scraggly side but, oh, my
are they delicious!
 Quartered & drizzled with
olive oil, basil, sea salt, rosemary
& a tiny bit of cane sugar,
these tomatoes are ready for the oven.
Roast at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes, then cool.
The hot tomatoes will come out of the
oven with lots of tasty herb infused liquid.
Next, using a tomato press, smash the roasted tomatoes to 
extract the sauce. Package, label, & freeze.
I recommend Passatutto Velox
an Italian plastic press that comes apart
for easy cleaning.
I love this little kitchen toy for its simplicity,
function, & of course it's red!
We use it for juicing black currants, peaches,
cherries, strawberries, and raspberries.
 My favorite view
of my Grandmother's Fiesta Dinnerware sugar bowl
used for so many years & passed down to my Mother where it lived in her kitchen,
on the dining table, & sometimes next to the coffee
pot where my Dad could sugar his cereal
& coffee. I treasure the vintage yellow.

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