May 5, 2012

Vermont Cheese, the Taste of Spring Bark

 April in Vermont
Month of the Poem
Written on windows
Met my friend GEEEEEE!
And, did I buy some Vermont cheese

"Bon Jour"
Says this whimsical
For breakfast early this morning
This plate invited me
to try one of the Vermont cheeses!
Harbison Cheese
Named for the 'grandmother' of 
Greensburo, Vermont
A disk, wrapped in bark
To hold in all the woodsy goodness!

Scoop out the creamy center
Slurp it before it reaches a piece of toast
Mixed with quince paste from Spain
A treat of memorable flavor
On the toast
Layer the creamy Harbison cheese
Thin slices of quince paste
And, finally a fried farm fresh egg!
 As the Harbison cheese rolled around in my mouth
I thought of this poem
The bark wrapped cheese tasted like
This poem!
I knew then that spring
Rested in my mouth!

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