February 21, 2012

Camino, Grandma's Fireplace, Oakland, CA

 February, 2012 Otis turned 4!

 Not often that I read about a restaurant
& then get to eat there within a week!
After all, it was a very special occasion
 The Art of Eating, autumn 2011 issue
Emily Kaiser Thelin wrote
about the remarkable chef, Russell Moore who
co-owns CAMINO with wife, Allison Hopelain, 
a former landscape designer
 A gardener's touch abounds
 I have never eaten at a restaurant
where fresh, local, food
is just that
served in simple elegance
 The fireplace, the center
but food tastes like itself
no smoke, char, or sauce
to disguise its origins
the earth & the sea
No mass produced spirits
homemade grenadine
coffee, Peychauds, Angostura - style bitter
lemon, apple, pomegranate
hibiscus, loveliness!
 Wood oven-baked
oysters with absinthe, breadcrumbs
and carrot salad, $13
 Half a Dungeness crab
grilled in the fireplace with
puntarelle salad, green garlic toast,
and black trumpet mushrooms, $24
 Moore stands before the fireplace several nights a week
where he cooks "as grandmotherly as possible: I'm
a grandmother wannabe."
I would go back for the Tunisian
orange cake with Barhi dates & yogurt
and especially for
Wood oven-roasted pears 
with bay leaf ice cream, good grief!
Thank you Maya and Tim
for an amazing eating experience!


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