December 31, 2011

This Day...the Last & the Beginning

 Colors of my life
Combine in contemplation
Around favorite blue ceramic cup
Of coffee with foamed cream
To plan upcoming

 Reflections through a window
Lights all hung
Tree aglow
And, no snow
For skiing, sledding, and angel-making
Each November a miracle
To behold
Scarlet abundance
Atop Yellowstone Lake driftwood
                                                                                     Photo by: JC McIlwaine
Dove awaits
Resting after such abundance
Sigh and sleep for
The New Year
Creeping up
In time for Christmas cheer
Diminutive comfort for all
Soft olive chair
My Mother sat there
As she tried so hard
To understand
But, now in 2012
The green chair will 
Be my place
Each morning 
 To read
Seed catalogs
Johnny's Selected Seeds, The Grower's Resource
Territorial Seed Company
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
R.H. Shumway's, Illustrated Garden Guide
And garden ideas from
Zone 4 and Organic Gardening magazines
 Wild Fibers, my travel guide to far-flung places
Filled with tales of sheep, goats, yaks, and bunnies
Mystery stories, a slew of sleuth for escape
And, now Blogging for Dummies
More to learn
High Country News
All about the West is the best
Montana Quarterly makes me
Proud to be a Montanan
Along with our State Supreme Court
That ..."Restored Ban on Corporate Political Money" 
a law dating back to 1912
And, cannot wait to see
Angelina's movie on Bosnia

 A friend recently said to me,
"I am retired. Now all I want is to be able to read during the day!"
In the New Year, 
I join my friend, with blue coffee cup in hand
Tiny African stool and Lodgepole pine carved stool
Soft olive chair to join
Women around the world who use tiny stools for sitting
While reading, visiting, cooking, and sifting seeds
 In 2010, I hung this beautiful
Hand-felted treasure on the garden shed
To rid it of fiber eating moths
That took over our house
No other marker of time
More poignant
Than watching a rug drift into old age
Blues are one with the sky
Pinks swim in prairie softness
Greens mellow as my reading chair


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African stool
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  1. Dear Cindy...

    Let's see if I can post a comment. What lovely New Year's reflections! Almost like haiku.


  2. Yipee, it worked, Charm! Next time you drive north, you must come thru the Madison Valley.