December 5, 2010

Wrapping It Up!

Recently finished assembling Gramma Hazel's Kitchen and Bath Gift Sets for a sale in Virginia City. Here you see the Bath Sets. All tucked in and cozy are a cotton wash cloth, a nubby scrubbie, and Organicway's lovely goat milk soap. Sarah makes her soothing goat milk soap in the country just north of my home. She started making soap when she suffered from severe skin rashes. When she used her own soaps she found her skin was far less prone to the allergic reactions she had once experienced.

I make these old fashioned scrubbies and wash cloths because I remember how wonderful such a simple homemade item can be to use.
The kitchen Gift Sets come with a scratchy scrubbie, a wash cloth, and plain unscented Organicway's goat milk soap. 
I use strips of nylon netting crocheted into each scrubbie to create a stiff scratchy strip that easily cleans stubborn stuck-on food.

I couldn't go another day without showing you some images I captured recently of spider webs. The webs were the most delicate I have ever seen.
Imagine sleeping in this hammock!
Hundreds of these webs were scattered on every possible tree, bench, railing, and bush in our front yard. It was quite magical.
Dew droplets made each web look like blown glass.
I leave you with my favorite, above, wrapping one of the antlers on the Aspen deer who lives on our front porch.

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