December 26, 2010

Secrets of Anon Knitting

Stix Yarn Shop in Bozeman, Montana plays Secret Santa every year around Christmas. Sign up and your name goes into a hat to be drawn by another knitter or crocheter. Come December 28, over a glass of champagne, you get to open your gift made by someone you may know or not.
The fun of the exchange is meeting another crazy yarn bender who chooses to make a special something for another person, who makes something for yet another. I just hope the receiver of my gift likes alpaca and silk with a few sparkle-farkle sequins thrown in! These remind me of stepping on the spongy Arctic tundra as I hiked to visit the grave of a wonderful artist, Jessie Oonark.  I thought about her the whole time I was knitting these wristlets, knowing while they might look like tundra vegetation a person sure couldn't wear them in the often -70 F degree weather in Baker Lake, Nunavut.

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