August 13, 2010

A Short Goat Story

Once upon a time, a little goat named Buddy rested in the petunia patch in front of the farmhouse on a goat farm in the Montana Big Sky country. Buddy ended up in this sweet bed because she was weary from skipping around the farm to avoid the farm owner, Sarah, who kept trying to milk her. Buddy finally gave up and let herself be milked. You see, the farm is known for its luscious goat milk soap, made by Sarah in her kitchen.

Now Buddy, the goat is almost famous because she rests on the outside of each and every box of soap made by the goat farm woman. Buddy's milk makes soap that is aged for 6 weeks to let the lye go away so that what remains happens to be the very best soap for human skin. The farm lady sells lots of bars of her wonderful soap at:

Buddy on the box, filled with the soaps of natural flavors, loves hanging out with Gramma Hazel's Kitch-N Stuff bath and kitchen gift sets. She likes cozying up this way right next to an organic cotton crocheted scrubbie and wash cloth. She thinks she has hit the big time. After all, she gets to appear in the blogisphere in her new role as PetuniaGirl's cover girl!

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