June 15, 2010

Spring of Living Dangerously

A first!!! The deer didn't munch the tulips! I am living dangerously even talking about it because they have a sixth sense you know. They see those beauties swaying in the morning breeze and it could be all over but for the crunching.
Dawn, ooooh, so bright.
Immature Golden Eagle waiting for a mouse, Grace (she lost a leg to an eagle), a ground squirrel, or a dove.
Greenhouse tapestry
These buckets hold the greenhouse door open. I am enjoying watching them rust. I painted them a couple of years ago. They get richer with each winter.
Here's my new sugar pie pumpkin growing scheme. One long mound with 9 plants guarded by a tent of pig wire. The tent will keep the puppettes out and when the hail comes we can throw a tarp over the whole bed. We'll see how it goes. I love seeing the blossoms, it's almost tropical. (What have I been sipping?)
Here's are my tomatoe growing barrels. Three plants to the barrel, peony cage, wall-o-water, and cover the whole thing with a plastic bag. That's how to get a Rocky Mountain tomato crop!
A worm's view of willow henge!

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