December 17, 2009

Bear, Frozen Pears, and the Tree Adventure

The Christmas tree search begins in pink light up a winding road outside of Virginia City. Many conifers are diseased in our forests so it is difficult to find a tree that has all of its needles.
Ah, amongst a somewhat healthy stand of firs we found a great tree. Hiking in deep snow makes for huffing and puffing!
The rez puppettes wait patiently after chasing all over the mountain after their brother, Baci. They all sniffed out a deer kill so there was great excitement over a chunk of hide. O, for the simple life of a dog.
The tree goes to a new home.
Every year friends and family send us gift boxes of fruit from far away places. Most times when these delicious treats arrive they are frozen solid. No worries, the fishing bear is willing to oversee the thawing of the latest pears. He does a good job!
Sitting in the blossoms of the Christmas cactus is a beautiful white dove, needle felted by a sheep farmer in the Gallatin Valley. Can you see the rosemary tree? I love to brush the rosemary tree with my fingers to send its aroma into the air.
All of these plants hang out in our greenhouse window in front of the kitchen sink. They have one of the best views from our house. They look out on the snow-covered Madison Range where on a crystal clear day they can see all the way to Wyoming!

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  1. Hello there,
    I was reading your posts and am so happy to have "met" you in this blogging world. We are not too far from eachother, although it is a big state! I enjoy reading that you are getting your tree just outside Virginia City. I really love the slippers you have made and am going next to check out your shop!
    I also appreicate that you wrote in an earlier post about the housing issues.

    I look forward to reading more and thank you for stopping by my blog to say hello, and also including me here in your special little spot. Do you have honeybees? I see you are a gardener!